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Children's Books by Bonnie J. Gibson

The Fox Hollow Series



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Coming 2023...Tales of Thunder Book 6 in The Fox Hollow Series

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Books in the Fox Hollow Series 

Book 1, Tales of Two Cubs, Fox Hollow Series, author, Bonnie J Gibson.
Book 2, Tales of at the Lake, Fox Hollow Series, author, Bonnie J Gibson, 2a 334 px.jpeg.p
Book 3, Tales of Friendship, Fox Hollow Series, author, Bonnie J Gibson, 1a.jpeg
Book 4, Tales of Kindness, Fox Hollow Series, author, Bonnie J Gibson, 1a.jpeg
Book 5, Tales of Bravery, Fox Hollow Series, author, Bonnie J Gibson, 2a 190px.PNG
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"Tales of Two Cubs is a beautifully illustrated and imaginative children’s story that emphasizes the importance of expressing emotions while at the same time embracing individual differences, styles, and forms of expression. The author has created a thought-provoking story that is refreshing to read and encourages children to be themselves, look for the positives, and appreciate the world around them."


Amy Smith, MD

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Tales at The LakeBonnie’s words, combined with beautiful illustrations, tell a sweet story of the uniqueness of God’s creation. And Bonnie’s family does the same thing. I know this story comes from a very real place in her heart and I believe it will touch your heart as well.”

Matthew West

Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, and author

Bonnie J. Gibson, children's author, Fox Hollow Series, 2a 250px.jpeg

Bonnie J. Gibson

Bonnie J. Gibson is an American children’s book author and illustrator. She has worn many different career hats, but her most important accomplishments are her roles as mother and storyteller. Bonnie’s greatest inspirations developed through assisting her Down Syndrome daughter, Taylor, in her very real and intimate transition to adulthood.


Deeply inspired by family, friends, and the great, magnificent outdoors, her current mission is to embrace each heartbeat one blank canvas at a time.

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"Down in Fox Hollow, joy shines from the inside out...

the more colors, the better,

and even the smallest light can shout."

Bonnie J. Gibson

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