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Fox Hollow Story Inspirations

Because the imagination deserves an adventure.

Author Bonnie J. Gibson shares personal insight about herself as related to each of her books.

The earth has its music for those who will listen. 

-- Reginald Vincent Holmes 

Trust ~ Faith ~ Hope ~ Honesty ~ Acceptance ~ Uniqueness ~ Love ~ Friendship  Creativity ~ Confidence ~ Kindness ~ Bravery ~ Grace

Book 1, Tales of Two Cubs


I have always dreamed of being an author, storyteller, and advocate of children. After years of journaling my own life adventures, I was introduced to some wonderful opportunities to share as an inspirational speaker for formalized therapeutic and church audiences.


In 2012, I took a hiatus from both speaking and my corporate career to focus on helping my special needs daughter, Taylor, navigate her transition to adulthood. During this new journey, my husband, Jeff, Taylor and I relocated to Colorado where I fell hopelessly in love with the mountains. Deeply inspired by family, friends, and the magnificent outdoors, I began a journey of painting.


Upon a new relocation to Texas, I found my artwork piling up and decided it was time to start a small, art business from home. I hired a logo artist to create my business logo. When he surprised me with a fox image, Tales of Two Cubs was born.

Frog on a Rock, author Bonnie J Gibson, Book 1, 1a 325px.PNG

Book 2, Tales at the Lake


After living a while in Texas, I began missing our family weekend mountain excursions, especially snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.


While having coffee at my easel, I began painting some Fox Hollow characters in a winter setting. . . and Tales at the Lake, was born.

Fox and Snowman, author Bonnie J. Gibson, Fox Hollow Series art, book 2,2aa 220px.png

Book 3, Tales of Friendship


This book was inspired by the courageous and valiant battle Dr. Howard Ray Holbrooks, my amazing little brother, endured with ALS.


Howard was a boldly athletic child who grew into an incredible man. My daughter, Taylor Gibson, survived early childhood complications of a critical, congenital heart defect and continues to live valiantly with Down Syndrome and her own special health complications.


Their courage and determination weaved their way into the foundation of these sweet tales.

Fox Behind Tree, author Bonnie J. Gibson, Fox Hollow Series art, book 3,1aa 360px.png

Book 4, Tales of Kindness


While working on Book 3 in the Fox Hollow Series, I was approached by my daughter, Taylor, with the title, concept and some samples of art for Tales of Kindness.


It was a dream come true to join forces with her incredible love for children. What a wonderful privilege to witness Taylor’s newfound determination and desire to be a published author come to life. It became abundantly clear that she not only understood but also believed in the important theme of the overall project.

Taylor Gibson, daughter for Bonnie J. Gibson, author of the Fox Hollow Series 2a,

Book 5, Tales of Bravery


My deep desire to see all children feel loved and included, no matter their differences, is the primary driving force for these stories.


Specifically, Tales of Bravery, became an important topic for discussion upon the outpouring stories of courage, exhaustion, hopefulness, love and loss experienced during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Book 6, Tales of Thunder


Tales of Thunder is a very special story, co-created with my daughter, Taylor Gibson, who has Down Syndrome, was born with complicated medical and developmental special needs.


This story is inspired by our very own journey and includes a special informative page to describe more about the meaning of special needs. We hope you will enjoy the combination of both Taylor's and my original artwork and perspectives. It is a gift from our hearts. 


We love you.

Taylor Gibson, Fox Hollow Book Series, 1a 200px.jpg
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