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Meet The Authors

Bonnie J. Gibson is an American Children’s Book author and illustrator. Her daughter, Taylor, who has always enjoyed creating art, joins her mother as co-author and illustrator for Books 4 & 6 of the series.

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Every child needs an adventure.

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Bonnie Gibson & daughter, Taylor.

Inspiration for the series comes from lessons learned about the power of love and creativity through,

Taylor, who has Down Syndrome and was born with a critical, congenital heart defect.

Bear and kite in tree, artwork by Bonnie J. Gibson, 2a 1700px.png

Bonnie has worn many different career hats in her 30 years working with entrepreneurs in Fortune 500 corporate real estate development, management, acquisition and disposition of a vast range of investment holdings.

One of her greatest inspirations developed through assisting her Down Syndrome daughter, Taylor, in her very real and intimate transition to adulthood.


After surviving Taylor’s early years through a critical, congenital heart defect followed by medical complications, she became profoundly aware of the beauty in life’s fragility, joys, and heartaches. The Fox Hollow Series is a vehicle for both mother & daughter to share the important, thought-provoking lessons gained from powerful life experiences.

Bonnie will tell you, however, that her greatest accomplishment is her role as mother and storyteller. 

Upon realizing that life is truly an adventure awaiting, Bonnie is now determined to share a big piece of her own adventures through animated, sweet, thought provoking, love stories. The stories are carefully crafted for children and the messages are for us all.

Bonnie is a self-taught artist, wife, mother, grandmother, and storyteller. She will engage you, inspire you, get real with you, and openly share her wisdom and overflowing heart with you.

A talented and loving mother-daughter duo on a mission to spread joy and kindness, Bonnie and Taylor are available for speaking presentations virtually or in-person. Their blog, Life’s a Canvas—Paint it with Kindness, shares uplifting messages about their life adventures.

Our Mission

With God's blessings, our mission is to unfold, enrich, and cherish each beat of this blank canvas at a time.

Our Vision
We love exploring many different story-telling mediums, such as acrylics, watercolor, oil, verbal, and written. Each creation manifests from its own heartbeat.

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