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From Can't to Can with Miss Tay!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Miss Tay smiling in at-home studio waiting to have virtual coffee with Casey Matthiesen, digital  creator/friend
Author, Taylor Gibson, aka Miss Tay

There's too much to share. Everything builds up over time. How do I catch up when you are so far away? We are disconnected when we can't share our lives. We can't be engaged when we know nothing at all. We can't meet in person–not today anyway. I want to share a cup with you. Wish you a beautiful day. Have a rich conversation. And do it all face-to-face. I can't.

From Can't to Can with Miss Tay!

Watch this short and sweet video. It's a cupful of joy.

What a blessing to spend time with a friend. Share some laughs. Share some love. Catch up on what's new. Life is so much sweeter and fuller with you in it. And just like how Miss Tay shared with Casey, Book 6 in The Fox Hollow Series, Tales of Thunder, is available now on Amazon. It truly is a special story. It is co-created by Miss Tay, and it's the biggest tale in the series. Bonus...more art too! Who has special needs? Miss Tay does. And with a little extra help and support, she's a published author-illustrator too. A prime example of From Can't to Can with Miss Tay!

YOU Can Turn Can't to Can with Miss Tay!

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Cheers! Remember: Life's a canvas–Paint it with kindness. We love you, Bonnie + Miss Tay

Rainbow, heart, stars. Thanks.

Life is a lot like Coffee Poem-Unique by Bonnie J Gibson, Author

Can't to Can with Miss Tay!

Casey, a long-time family friend, storyteller, creator, and all around cool dude! @Casey Matthiesen

Tales of Thunder

Thea, a brilliant publisher, consultant, author, friend...couldn't do it without you! @Flint Hills Publishing

Cool merch featured in Can't to Can with Miss Tay!

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