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Giggle, Wiggle, Thunder and Roll!

It's time, Fox Hollow Gang! Giggle, Wiggle, Thunder and Roll because Book 6 in The Fox Hollow Series, Tales of Thunder just dropped! No fooling. Yippee! Let's get the party started! Stand up and dance it out with Miss Tay and I. We can't hold this excitement in, and we don't want to celebrate without YOU. One–Two–Three–Click Video Below!

Available now on Amazon, and wherever books are sold. Yippee!

Great big hugs and kisses to Thea Rademacher, Flint Hills Publishing, Amy Albright, and Stony Point Graphics. And shout-outs to Royce Fitts, Amy Smith, Julie Silver Seidle, Matthew West, Heather Newell, Casey Matthiesen, and Greg German. Your kindness is the perfect blend to our joy-filled cups.

Fill your cups with many happy adventures!

Buy Now on Amazon! Click Buy Now Button to find all six of the Fox Hollow Tales. Fill those Easter Baskets with extra love from Momma Fox and her two young cubs. Happy Adventures Await!

Bonnie's words, combined with beautiful illustrations, tell a sweet story of the uniqueness of God's creation. And Bonnie's family does the same thing. I know this story comes from a very real place in her heart and I believe it will touch your heart as well. – Matthew West, Grammy nominated singer songwriter, and author
Bonnie uses imaginative artwork and characters to convey an important message about how we perceive ourselves and the importance of recognizing one's own unique qualities. – Amy Smith, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
The Fox Hollow Series reminds us that sometimes our differences and the things that make us special can create a path towards deeper understanding, greater compassion, and stronger connections if we let them. This is exaclty the message the world needs more of right now. – Julie Silver Seidle, PhD, Occupational Therapist
Bonnie and Miss Tay help us understand it is not what we are born with that decides who we are, it is what, through vulnerability, love, and fortitude, we seek to become. Share this book with your children, whomever they are. Read it aloud. Share this with the adults in your world. Allow the wisdom herein, that is beyond words, to heal and inform. –Dr. Royce Fitts, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dream Worker, Theologian, Author

Thanks for all your support too! We love you! Bonnie + Miss Tay

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Bonnie J. Gibson
Bonnie J. Gibson
Apr 06, 2023

I am so happy about book 6. I have my copy. It is so good. All kids need this. I love it. Love, Miss Tay

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