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Botanical Antics––Coff-a-holic Style!

Updated: Jun 17

Good morning Sunshine! 'Tis the season for yummy botanicals! That's what Miss Tay says. Yes, my amusing, daughter and co-author, Taylor, is a fancy, romantic, coff-a-holic! Miss Tay loves coffee, conversation, sunshine, hugs, fashion, travel, flowers, music––but nothing compares to her love for flavor combinations. She's obsessed! The more exotic, the better. No surprise that she is also known as Miss Fancy.

Lavender. Lemon. Rose. Basil. Rosemary. Honey. Vanilla. White Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. Pink Salt. Oatmilk. Pistaschio. Hazelnut. Combined with Miss Tay, well, I believe that's what sunshine sounds like.

Just recently, she discovered a new combination at Kimzey's Coffee, in the quaint town of Argyle, Texas. "Rose, white chocolate, oatmilk latte, for Miss Tay!" Whaaat!?! That was a first. And, oh my, my, was it yummy! Now that's what summer smells and tastes like.

Miss Tay's, full-faced, organic smile––that's a dang good representation of what summer looks like! With an added dash of fuschia pink, of course.

Make today, a bright, sunny, joy-filled, new exotic expression of yourself. You are creative beyond what you even know. And, we believe in you. We can't wait to see the beauty you create.

While you're here, click on our shop page and check out our brand new, 2024 botanical Fox Hollow Series shirts. Your kindness and support is priceless. Cheers! We love you! Bonnie + Miss Tay

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