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'Tis The Moment... be present.

Which reminds me that I have a personal story to share. A journey of sorts.

Recently, Jeff, Miss Tay, and I were visited by what felt like three Christmas Ghosts. Messages untranslated. Something amiss. Until manifestation in the form of medical emergencies became clear. One for Jeff. One for Miss Tay. One for me.

As I sit sipping a warm cup of oatmilk hot chocolate, I recall how our family has weathered many life storms. Storms of varied shapes and sizes. Some for a season and some for a short time. Some without warning and others that simmered awhile.

But the magnitude of each storm does not really matter. What is important is the amount of raw material held within or left behind. Potential wisdom we can recycle, while the price versus payoff teeter-totters in a fog of surprise. The kind we work to harness, when we find the balance for both sides.

Our clarity received? Our cue at Christmas time? Joy is in the season. The reason of the season is love. Being ever present. Well, now that's a gift that shines most high.

Remember that there's no gift too small. When circumstances tie you down, don't underestimate a simple gift of love. The kind you cannot purchase. Like the warmth of a smile. The joy of nonjudgmental love. The comfort of a hug. The power of acceptance. The peace of forgiveness. The inspiration of understanding. The soothing richness of time spent together. Spice it up with home-made holiday magic. Throw in a sprig of fresh peppermint for a mind-blowing twist. Send prayers of light and love.

Remember the reason for the season. Create and fully savor some organic sweetness in the coming year. Giggle, wiggle, and let your love shine. We love you! -Bonnie J. + Miss Tay

Merry Christmas to All!

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