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Coffee is Sweeter With Miss Tay

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Taylor Gibson, (Miss Tay), author's daughter, sipping a smooth cup of coffee

Miss Taylor and I love us a good, coffee adventure. 'Bo-yeah', says Taylor. We have what we call, A Coffee Date, every morning. Sometimes, while watching the morning news, or while we write and paint in our home art studio. Sometimes we go out for coffee. Taylor gets super excited because that's when the people-watching fun comes into play. Especially the kiddos. We love us some babies. Each evening, when Taylor hugs me good-night, she always hollers down, 'Coffee date?', on her way upstairs. You got that right! is just one of my usual responses. Coffee-time. Cherished-time. Happy-time.

Today we ventured to a new, local shop. Shout out to Marty B's Coffee,, where we had a lovely time sipping and talking. Lots of people, smooth coffee and some crave-worthy food items too. Shhhhh...don't tell my wellness-diet coach. Taylor grabbed us a booth while I poured cream into our coffee cups. Our conversation took many twists and turns. We laughed, googled and took a few photos, as we discussed this new blog adventure.

Have your ever been unapologetically drawn to someone? Not in a romantic sense. Not in a weird or rude staring way either. I mean organic admiration of another human? Maybe in a moment for reasons you can't quite put your finger on. Except, that they simply have a magnetic energy about them. Well, it happens to Taylor and I. And, it always brings a smile to our faces. Today, I had that magnetic moment, while sitting and watching my beautiful, daughter, Taylor. As she sat quietly, sipping and savoring her coffee, I sat still, just for a moment, appreciating her uninhibited and beautiful spirit.

Be today. Be you. Be in the moment. Be aware. Happy adventures!

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