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Do you believe in magic?

The law of similarity? The law of contagion? An escape from reality? Or simply the Muse?

We love a Muse! Anything that inspires a Magical Moment or two. Oh man, that's our favorite kind of magic. It comes in all shapes, textures, colors, and sizes. Watch for it, because it can be just around the curve too. The Muse lasts longer than normal. It's the kind of magic you think you don’t crave, until it happens to you. Especially those free of judgement, inhibitions, regret, and blues. The intimate kind that lingers. Fills you with joy. Makes your soul smile. Kicks your butt into the action of creating environments of renewal.

Ah, the early morning sunrise began to peek out from the rain fueled clouds. The hustle and bustle of Texas traffic was no longer in the rear view. The astounding, scenic route through Oklahoma and Arkansas to the breathtaking Ozarks. The aroma of fresh brewed Blackbeard’s Delight rising from our Yeti cups. A road trip to connect with some dearly beloved, dating back to Jeff’s childhood. Jeff, my incredible, focused, and hardworking husband, intermittently smiling to the reminiscent reality of a weekend for soul charging. Miss Tay, in the back seat, giddy with excitement. The gut busting laughter. Football games versus news. Plenty of coffee when you rise. And, with Miss Tay in the house, will you take one hug or two? Don’t even get me started on all the crazy good food. Pure, real, deep, unbridled friendship. The anticipation of stories. Old ones, catch-up ones, and all that is new and re-new. But the time was too short. Heavens no. Just short enough to do.

Miss Tay and I would like you to join us in challenging ourselves not to look back, claw back, run back, to the magical moments. Instead, transform the memory into inspiration. Carve out the time. Carve out the resources. If you can’t find the resources, a face-to-face or virtual cup of coffee will do. Don’t over plan it. Lean into it. Trust the moment. Let it brew, steep, and bloom. Be your own Muse. Believe in the magic in you. Savor a moment. Savor two. Cheers! Love, Bonnie + Miss Tay

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