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The Magic is over...Or is it?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Disney World! A magical experience. Taylor and I accompanied my husband Jeff, who was traveling there for a business conference. It became one of our happy places for two whole days. You can't do it all in that time, but two days is a lot of adventure any way you slice it. For us it was about quality time, exercise, sunshine, and meeting Chewbacca from Star Wars. Whaaaaat!?! Yes, it gave me goose bumps!

Halfway through our second day, we were rained out. Although rain is not unexpected in Florida, it was the thunder and lightning that made me say "nope...sorry." We exited the park, holding onto the hoods of our ponchos. I had to drag Taylor away. There were rushing puddles of water and parades of families to dodge as we scrambled into the resort shuttle lines. Drenched, tired, sandwiched in a sea of families...waiting. Still waiting. Still waiting. Finally, we were packed into the shuttle like sardines. Tired people of all ages, dripping water everywhere. I guess the magic is over. Or is it?

The shuttle bus was so uncomfortable that Taylor and I decided to get off at the very first stop. We walked the rest of the way to our hotel. Strolling along in the quiet rain, we noticed how the rain brought a welcoming cool down to the sweltering heat of the day prior. Upon an unavoidable water puddle we giggled and splashed our way through it. After all, we were soaked already. Upon our arrival to the hotel, we squished our way up to the room and relished nice warm showers. When Jeff's conference ended, he was surprised to see us back so early. So now the magic is over. Or is it?

Here we were in one of the most magical places on earth. The rain had stopped. There were many activities to be experienced. Yet there was something sweet and savoring about just being together in the quiet hotel room. We opened a pack of Magic Kingdom Uno cards that Taylor had bought from a gift store. We ordered room service for dinner. The three of us sat, ate, and played Uno games for hours. Magical!

In life, the storms will come. In the quiet moments that follow, don't forget to create and relish your own magic. Happy Adventures Await!

Bonnie J. Gibson, Author/Illustrator of the Fox Hollow Series. Books for children with messages for us all.

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