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The taste of grapes and the smell of sunshine. Cool place in a sweet space.

Coffee, Vineyards, Mineral Rich Water, Wildflowers, Cactus, Peaches, Shopping, Art, Food, History, Culture, and Bright Sunshine. With an array of beautiful hats and boots too. Now that’s a proper Howdy from Fredericksburg, TX. Green pastures blur into the Hill Country of Texas. A road trip delayed by a monster storm with harrowing winds, tornados, rain, and hail. Finally, out of the big city, we cross the expansive highways until the greener pastures replace the concrete skyline. Ah, in a breath the tension melts away from the muscles as we awake in the quaint, friendly town of Fredericksburg, Texas.

We climb up into our Jeep Gladiator and drive past beautiful vineyards and wineries on our way to an incredible, sprawling ranch. We stop only for coffee and to allow the Blackbuck families to happily pass in front of us. We drop off my husband, Jeff, at this stunning ranch where he meets up with approximately 30 others for a unique workshop to hone and elevate their elk hunting skills, mindset, and stamina.

Then it’s See Ya Later Alligator as Miss Tay and I drive off to take in the downtown mom and pop shops, some German Cuisine, and the extravagance of a Boutique Wine Tasting Tour. Thank you Miss Rebecca from Fredericksburg Tours and the 7 new friends we would never have met without this moment. Hill Country. Wine Country. Mineral rich water. Fresh air. Wildflowers. Tasty nuggets. And bright sunshine.

Miss Tay and I had delicious bites, tasted some incredible award-winning wines, laughed, learned, viewed some gorgeous art and breathtaking views. Only to find out that one award-winning owner humbly checked us out at the door. After being escorted back to downtown, we refreshed and re-hydrated before hitting the shops again. We kept our eyes peeled for the little bits of humor scattered around the shops. Eventually landed on an oversized bench slightly off the beaten path. Out of the hustle, yet perfectly situated for people watching. To our surprise, we were blessed by the hoot of a nearby owl followed by 5 personal encounters still imprinted on our hearts.

1. A strong statured young man in cowboy boots and hat sauntered over and asked to join us for a moment. Leaving his friends off to the side, he took the moment to strike up a very real and intimate conversation. Asked Miss Tay about her day—hanging on her storytelling details with incredible kindness. Eventually he tipped his hat as he left with his friends.

2. A beautiful lady asked to join us while she waited for her husband and daughter who were just around the corner. She spent what few minutes she had striking up rich conversation. When her husband and daughter arrived, they joined in the moment. Before leaving, we learned that they only live down the road from us.

3. A kind cowboy gent strolled over to say hello because he was certain he knew us from somewhere, only to recall that he had simply saw us at one of the wineries we had visited earlier. Asked Taylor for her review before departing on his way.

4. A sweet couple abandoned their path to see if Taylor wanted to meet their dog and see a couple of her tricks.

5. A gentle wave and smile from a sweet little girl, dressed in a flowing floral dress with cowboy boots peeking out the bottom. Brought Miss Tay to giggles.

A charming town by day and a sleepier town by night. A collage of Boutiques, Wineries, Orchards, Gourmet Food, Bakeries, Coffee Shops, History, Art, all carefully operated by passionate owners. We needed to rest up for the following day. Kindness. Friendliness. Sparkles of joy. Full of brief encounters, clinks of cups and glasses. Tastes stirred with sunshine. So many lingering memories.

Driving out of the hill country bubble, I can see the swirling rainbow as the sunshine penetrates the atmosphere. My eyes fix on the rearview mirror. I hold my breath during the final moment when the bubble disappears. The highway seems to rise in front of me as it grows wider and the buildings grow taller. The asphalt increases in density along the path back home. We will return. Next time we will plan a day for Art Touring too. Along with coffee, food, and a glass or two of wine of course! Miss Tay responds with a giggle, an enthusiastic thumbs up, and an "I'm in!" too.

These are sweet and special getaways, no matter how brief. Wherever you go on your adventure, make it a happy time. Remember, Life’s a Canvas—Paint it with Kindness.

We Love You,

Bonnie and Miss Tay

For some incredible wine, visit these estates or buy online. Boutique, passionate, flavorful, unique, and oh-so-worthy. Cheers Hill Country. Can't wait to return!

For more in-depth information on some of Miss Tay and I's adventures:



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