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Well…that’s a wrap!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

I sit quietly, sipping my coffee by the light of the fireplace, reminiscing the previous days when 9 crazy family members risked their lives to drive this way. Winter storms were all around them. Yet they arrived hungry, cold, and in only mild disarray.

The house is quiet now after being filled with chatter, laughter, food, gifts, games, sneezing, hugs, and so much more. As I age, I realize the growing rarity of the magic in the moments spent this way. Now the children are either growing or grown with new adventures and life to create. The vast range of aging looks like a labyrinth of stairs heading in opposite directions. Another year rounds the corner. I feel excitement looming for the new one beginning on this cold, post-Christmas day.

But I'm brought down to reality when I turn on the news. To hear the hustle, the bustle, disappointments, and holiday blues. Ravages of storms, wars, illnesses, financial crises too. But don’t get distracted, there’s more stuff available to buy, buy, buy for you!

I return to silence as fast as I can. Retreat to the steamy cup held in my hand. I take in a deep breath and slowly blow the troubles far away. I listen as my heart taps on my chest, asking me to pray. I close my eyes, meditate on light and love until my mind and heart collide. And a tidal wave of love explodes, too large to hold inside. Joy freely given as the love dances all around. I pray it soar and touch another heart. I pray they take it in. Igniting a passion within them like they haven't felt in years. God, help them trust their own abilities to create a tidal wave of love within. So on and on the love compounds and ascends, stretching far and wide, weaving a cooperative blanket of pure joy. To wrap and illuminate everything alive.

Love and Trust is all it takes! Let it in and give it away. Cheers to the New Year! Cheers to each and every day!

Love, Bonnie J. Gibson + Miss Tay

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