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Yippee! So You Say It's Your Birthday!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

What’s better than coffee with Miss Tay? 32nd Birthday coffee with Miss Tay. I’m in! What a joy to go out with Miss Tay. She is a beautiful, happy, joyous young woman. At first glance, you might notice something different about Miss Tay. She has special needs. But those differences don’t really matter. What matters is that her unique joy is so bright you can see and feel it. Her path has certainly not been easy. Like so many of us, her struggles are very real, and they are complicated by medical and developmental challenges. I am a woman destined to hold her hand and help her navigate life’s journey at her own unique pace. It is a joy to experience her as she cherishes each day, one moment at a time.

But…first she wants that morning cup of coffee. Usually black with a lot of milk or a little cream. “Coffee date?!” she hollers down from the staircase as she retreats to her room at the end of the day. And upon rising each morning, she descends the stairs and heads straight for that freshly brewed pot. But an extra-special treat is a sweet, creamy latte at a coffee shop…of course!

So, what do you want for your birthday Miss Tay? “Coffee shop, bookstore, and go out for dinner," she responds. Is that all? “And a card from my parents.” What do you want in the card? “Um, we love our daughter.” You see, according to Miss Tay, Love is all you really need. We believe that love is the core necessity to joy. That is why Miss Tay has chosen to join me, once again, in creating a very special message of love through a brand-new Fox Hollow Tale. Coming soon to Amazon, Tales of Thunder, Book 6 in The Fox Hollow

Series by Bonnie J. Gibson and Taylor Gibson.

Together, Miss Tay and I are on a special mission to spread joy. By sharing our lives, a smile, a hug, sweet love lessons from Momma Fox and the entire Fox Hollow Gang, and whatever else a moment brings. Follow our blog, like, comment, and subscribe! While there, check out our cool website, shop, and learn more about us and the Fox Hollow Series. Happy Adventures Await! Until then, have a Joy-filled Day!

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