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Grind. Percolate. Breathe.

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Good morning! While the sun was considering to rise, Taylor and I sat in our north Texas home with a cup of steaming coffee held in our hands. The aroma of fresh-ground coffee beans was still in the air. We listened to the happy, sad, tragic, informative news stories coming from the T.V. The forecast of Colorado snow had us morning-dreaming about the years we lived in Fort Collins. The majestic Rocky Mountains lingered just outside our western view. Whispering to us as we sipped our morning brew. We reflected on our adventures: the numerous times we grabbed travel mugs, hopped into the Subaru-Outback or Jeep, and heeded the call. Sipping our coffee as we cruised the river hugging curves up to Estes Park, Colorado. Lowering the windows to hear the clean water percolating through the maze of boulders. Keeping our eyes peeled for wildlife. Not just in the road, because I like to holler "hi babies" out my window too. Okay, fine, so I might occasionally holler to the plants, trees, sky, water, and God too. I can almost hear Miss Tay’s giggles and smell the crispness in the fresh air as I breathe in the memories.

My husband Jeff and I always encourage Taylor to put one foot in front of the other, carefully weighing her special needs with each step. Up the mountain, down the mountain. Through mud, snow, rocks, Trying. Always percolating on possible tools needed. We remind her of accompaniments like snowshoes, hiking poles, hiking boots, extra clothing, water, healthy snacks, and any other tool needed for her highest and best success. Never forget the intangible: clear communication, hand holding, a nudge, a push, and any other kindness. Miss Tay remembers when she tried to cross a makeshift log bridge but lost her balance and fell into the shallow water below. Supported by her father's hand, a shirt off his back, hugs, kisses, the counsel that followed. Anticipation. Stillness. Setbacks. Trust. Confidence. Perseverance. Kudos.

What's percolating today? What's been percolating? What percolation is finally brewed? Who and what tools are accessible? Talk. Listen. Move.

We hope you embrace the wonder, feel the pulse, pause in setbacks, trust yourself, garner support, adapt as needed, and breathe while in motion. We believe in you. Make sure to believe in you too.

Love, Bonnie + Miss Tay

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